by Twilight Hammer

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First release by the band in 6 and a half years.


Jon Incendiis - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Pervertiis - Bass
Joel Militis - Guitars
Sean Cyriis - Drums


released March 2, 2014

All songs written by Jon Incendiis except "Satanic Speed Metal" by Destroyer 666.



all rights reserved


Twilight Hammer London, Ontario

Twilight Hammer started as a solo project in 2006 by Jon Incendiis, who performed all instruments on the 2007 debut album ORCISH STEEL. After line-up inconsistencies throughout the years following the debut album the band has shifted into a four-piece with new music in the near future.

Jon Incendiis - Guitars/Vocals
Paul Pervertiis - Bass
Joel Militis - Lead Guitars
Sean Cyriis - Drums
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Track Name: Wrathfire
I am the one who is damned
For years I have kept the blade at bay
Alone on a silent journey I wander
Through blighted forests to dark mountain ways

I have seen the towers fall
The titans grey and old
The legion's force has spread too thin
Across the wasteland cold
I must invoke the ancient force
Before my hourglass fails
Unite the legion and restore
The sound of death's cold wails

Remnants of the Black Legion scattered
And weakened by the titan grip of time
Leaving a wasting world of false idols
Unprepared for the purging wrath and flame

Inevitable is the coming chaos
Where the false ones bleed and wither
The lords of the underworld shall rise
And lay waste to reclaim the throne

Heaven's angels cannot save you
From the coming terrors
Unopposed shall be the rising
Of the Dark Lord's armies
We who held the torches high
In darkness for an age
Shall rise above and claim the throne
With fire and primal rage
Track Name: The Plague
Horrific mortal agony
The signs of death to come
Veins are boiling black
In pain my life undone
I try to scream
It drowns in viral blood
Awake I feel hell's fires
Asleep - the blighted flood

Frozen and aflame
Death my only certainty
Fading inside outwards
Of my blackened entity
Rending, picking, tearing
And ripping flesh from bone
Cyclonic writhing pain
In quarantine alone

This plague is my mortal nightmare
Surrender, join me in despair

Every second burns me
Demons clawing through my lungs
Mentally in torture
Screaming out in tongues
I pray aloud for death
To the higher powers
The grin of Death's visage
Yields agony for hours

The plague is culminating
Rending flesh within
The crux of hellish pain
In Death's immortal grin
Horrific mortal agony
The signs of death so near
Unlife my sweet salvation
Your realm I do not fear